What happens if IFS organizers flake?

What happens if IFS organizers don't show up, or fail to submit post-event documentation (spreadsheets, pictures, etc...)?

Do the agents who showed up and hacked the registration portal (and other required activities) still get credit for the event (including extra AP)?


  • CtrlAltDuckCtrlAltDuck ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    Technically speaking you could go on without the original organizers if they flake by nominating new ones to take over, and if the proper details are submitted after and all requirements met, but it might be difficult to pull together if it's last minute and unexpected.

    If you did run into any of these problems or anything like them you should reach out to an IFS-UN rep from Fev games, I am one and can be reached via Telegram @CtrlAltFck or you can reach out to any other rep listed on the IFS Reg page of the Fev Games website.

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