Is anyone else worried about the January AMA because of GO players having Wayfarer access?

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With Pokémon Go players having access to Wayfarer, there’s a huge amount of reviewers who are now aware of the Andrew Krug AMA. I’m worried the AMA is going to be taken over by Wayfarer questions with little room for anything else.

Especially with no easy way to look at old AMAs outside of fan-documented resources, there’s a good chance of a lot of old and repeat questions.

And yeah, I know people have asked to have a separate Wayfarer AMA but Krug has shôt down this option before.

Not that Pokemon Go players are bad at asking questions, it’s just there’s a lot a lot more of them and therefor a lot more newbie Ingress players who may not be familiar with how the AMAs work . And a lot a lot more questions in general making the AMA harder for Krug.


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    People in my area seem to review rather strictly to the guidelines and update log. I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t seen their Wayfarer rating drop from green thanks to it. But I imagine that’s gonna be the subject of multiple questions asked in the ama. Just a ton of the questions.

  • There's something else relevant to ask about in Ingress? They won't tell us about anything new coming via AMA.

  • Hey, I'd tune in for the lasagna recipe. I love lasagna!

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    Honestly, they need to look into a separate AMA function for Wayfarer, possibly hosted on the Wayfarer Application. At this point it no longer makes sense for Ingress/Andrew Krug to host an AMA for Wayfarer related materials. Not saying he can't be the host but it should be entirely separate from Ingress' normal monthly AMA and readily be made available for all Wayfarer Wayfinders.

    Also, the most important question is about the lasagna ofcourse. Paging @0X00FF00

  • I said this before pogo got full wayfarer access and was basically told I was being stupid as it has nothing to do with pokemon go.

    I think a "I told you all so" is needed here.

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    This is something I have advocated for months before we even knew PoGo was getting reviews. I was saying all information needs to be widely available to assist with submitting and reviewing. Trust me you wernt here for the "thatguywhoshaltnotbenamed" stuff. Most people here know its common sense but for some reason it hasnt been done.

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    I just for once want people to stop rehashing the same questions over and over again. I would perfectly be fine without an AMA. Having a fear of a player base having access to the AMAs is not necessary it isn't like the pogo community did not have people asking questions before wayfarer even launched.. It isn't like Niantic hasn't cleaned house on the AMAs before when someone got out of hand and spammed it. Most of the questions about submissions pogo players were asking about got answered: multiple fields, playgrounds, hyper locals, etc. I mean we could use clarification on: memorials, private residential rules, and a few others that seem to be an issue. We need a Wayfarer community forums and honestly move the ingress wayfarer chat there and be directed to the community forums for wayfarer via link when we login into to wayfarer would be more efficient.

  • Any question on page 3+ never gets answered anyway.

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    Its not complaints that is the issue. I have issue with the people who want to run the entire opposite direction and tell niantic to adversely affect the system because things don't meet a subjective standard. I get valid complaints but some of this just flat out silly. Saying that all pogo players or all ingress agents this or that along with a lot of assumptions on how things work such as hitting poor for voting disagreements on edits etc. Instead of trying to find blame in every single situation look for the honest issues and report them. At this point OPR is wayfarer and those questions were valid if they were on topic the issue was the spam was from one person who constantly caused issues and accused others of voting wrong. We are at 30 day worldwide mark after wayfarer went live to all level 40 pogo players. I think honestly the system is going through growing pains but if we would have seen every single invalid object passed it would have happened by now. Doesn't mean that abuse didn't happen just that the system for the most part is working. Think a part of the issue isn't really "low quality submissions" it is a lot of legacy submission categories are passing. Some of these people asked niantic to bring back as it was known they would be submitted and probably approved.

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    Playing devils advocate here Ingress players complained before hand about other ingress players reviewing poorly before hand.

    Seriously though, every side of it is going to have some "bad eggs" whether its intentionally rejecting everything or submitting absolute trash its coming from both sides and all we can do as a community is work together. I personally feel like Niantic needs to help facilitate that instead its currently set up to be an us versus them mentality as its a split thing in 1 platform.

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