Why isn't First Saturday stat gathering automated?

Agents at First Saturday hack a "registration portal" to sign in. Then agents hand their phone to a POC who enters their stats into a spreadsheet manually. They are trusted not to do anything until the start time - this is an honor system. At the end of the activity window agents repeat the manual entry process. This process is fraught with opportunity for human error and cheating. Our stats are available in the database and are accessible by Niantic.

Niantic should automatically capture the stats of all agents who have hacked the registration portal, both at start time and stop time. Results could be displayed in a shared read-only spreadsheet. The POCs work hard getting the event organized, but in this age they should not have to do data entry. They are reading the output from Niantics scanner and manually entering it into a laptop (twice). There's got to be a way to automate this!

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    Niantic does capture their own stats for the bonus AP and global ranking details you receive later, the part you're talking about is what Fev Games takes in for volunteers to verify each event, and also what many places use for handing out prizes at the event.

    There's been some work to streamline the stat collection but it's up to the POCs to decide how they want to do it. As long as all requirements are met for verification it can be done a few different ways, some methods involve much less manual data entry.

    Human error and cheating on the forms can only effect optional on site prizes, and whether an event as whole gets verified or not.

    Also worth noting the Fev Games verification part is not optional it is needed for the event to count officially, without it Niantic will not give out the bonus AP or badge to participants.


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