Bone Marrow Donation Special FS in Kazan, Russia

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edited December 2019 in First Saturdays

Ingress agents in the Russian city of Kazan hosted a special First Saturday event on 7 December 2019 dedicated to the bone marrow donation. 

Every year 4000 patients in Russia need a bone marrow transplant, but there are just 150.000 donors in the national registry. Finding a donor is always extremely challenging and also expensive because it requires that a donor and a recipient have compatible antigens, and often even members of the same family are incompatible.

In order to spread awareness and directly contribute to the matter, Enlightened and Resistance agents of Kazan gathered at a clinic that allows eligible potential donors to join the national donors registry. Among all of the participants, 10 agents filled standard questionnaires and underwent a free of charge initial blood screening test to have a chance of joining the national registry of bone marrow donors.

Consider checking if you are eligible to become a donor yourself and finding out how to join the registry in your country. Your participation may save a life.

Special thanks to the agent @karmashek for the idea and to agents @loukicheva and @vartonix for organizing the FS event.

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