FS Smiles! December 2019

Please share photos of your FS's wonderful smiles here💙💚

How was your FS?

Anyone can post here.

Please share your FS with us♥

By the way, it's been 7 years since I became Ingress Agent! I look forward to playing Ingress with you in the future. tabineco😸


  • We tried something new and interesting at the Portarlington event this weekend where we split everyone into two mixed-faction teams to hold certain portals at certain times... it definitely adds new and exciting strategies to the game when trying to work with the opposite faction and against your own to hold a portal!

    We'll have more to share on it soon.

  • #IngressFS - Częstochowa, Poland

  • FS in Fairhope Alabama USA

  • #IngressFS in Nashville, TN USA

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