13 Archetypes Challenge

Truthseekers, some of you may have seen the NIA announcement about a 13 Archetypes Challenge. I’ve been authorized to tell you all the details. While probing the Tethered Hand’s private server, NIA Analysts managed to break through their firewalls for a few minutes. Before the Tethered Hand locked it back down, the NIA managed to get their hands on some encrypted data. The NIA’s own Analysts have been hitting a wall decrypting this data, so they’ve decided to crowdsource the effort to Ingress Agents all over the world.

We do not believe that the hexagonal media objects you stand to gain from this challenge are fully-fledged Tesserae on their own, but we suspect they may provide a unique opportunity for us to see a Tessera in-progress. They may prove to be Dormant Tesserae, like the Prime Artifacts acquired during the September Field Test.

The folder the NIA got access to was called “What Makes a Magnus.” We suspect that, in the end, decrypting this data will give us a deeper picture of Magnuses, the Archetypes, and possibly even how the Prime Artifacts tie into all of this.

As always, thank you for all of your efforts. With your help, we’ll be able to beat Nemesis yet!



The challenges will be posted here: https://community.ingress.com/en/categories/decoding-challenges

The leader board for progress https://ingress.com/decoding/13archetypes

Please share any thoughts and questions of your findings here! Good luck decoding.


Congratulations on overcoming the 1st decode challenge. We've just received a notice that the Tethered Hand appears to have detected our infiltration and deployed counter measures. This has rendered passcode redemption via the intel map invisible to the NIA for the time being, but we are working to recover the information.

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