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Mumbai a city of many distinctive neighborhoods. A city were the Enlightened have tried to keep up with the consecutive wins for the last 16 Cycles. On December 5 2019 I and a group of agents went a bit out of our way and created a big filed that would cover the entire city and would also secure us our 17th cycle win. Tho the field was up only for 2 hours I would like to thank @RCXtrem279 @TrainerTicklu @NSKotian @Y0urDad for cleaning the crosses, @H0M18aba @Leoniedus for key transfer, @GreenDoom @Nevru26 for keeping an eye on all our activities on intel, @Rajagosavi for all the moral support and last but not the least thanks to @M3gS4 who was with me on the layering team at Alibag. Was an awesome first time experience for many of us. Hopping to have many more like these.

MU earned

@ApostleKiller - 161,566,787 i.e. 162mil MU

@M3GS4 - 193,486,300 i.e. 193Mil MU

Total MU earned - 355mil MU

Total layers - 11

Average MU per layer - 32.2 Mil MU



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