Niantic doesn’t get to decide what Niantic wants for Wayspots?

This discussion on Reddit was started to offer help for players submitting better photos to get more Wayspots accepted.

There was some decent responses but also accusations of gatekeeping and ruining the game by not approving everything submitted. Many people had opinions and suggestions that run afoul of Niantic’s rules and guidelines for submissions and reviewing.

Near the bottom is this exchange which I’m not sure how to wrap my head around. Apparently this player thinks Niantic does not get to make their own rules about good Wayspots.

I hope Niantic is able to prevent this type of attitude from ruining their database.


  • One person makes that comment and you come running in like Chicken Little. Get a grip ****.

    Gatekeeping is highly accurate. There is no contesting that.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    I really do think a lot of cry wolf is going on afraid the system is just going be devalued but here is the thing there is a report button and agents have access to request pulls of obviously faked submissions etc that do not even try to meet criteria. Instead of going on here accusing every single pogo player as a bad actor start reporting false portals. It amazes me how childish people are acting over submissions opening up to more people.

  • BeeBeeZeeBeeBeeZee ✭✭
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    You shouldn't be surprised **** (lol m-a-t-e is censored as well, **** is wrong with auto-censor).

    These are the same people which Niantic accused of making drama about private residential property. Up to today there are agents who refuse to accept playgrounds in apartments etc.

    They keep accusing PoGo players of ruining the system but it's just projection. They have not been reviewing according to guidelines, and now when there is a mass influx of people who are accepting these, it is no wonder they are getting their ratings tanked.

    Are all PoGo players reviewing angels? No, but they aren't all devil's spawn like these empty vessels keep shouting in every public forum available to them.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'll be honest with you, up until Wayfarer I have never had much of problem getting playgrounds or other common areas in neighborhoods or apartment complexes through (with the exception of the pergola debate). Now they have been getting denied more than half the time because of PRP or pedestrian access. Same with trail markers.

    On the other hand things that I've had a harder time getting through are going through easier now.

    So really it's just more of the same! With a twist. PoGo players are learning so it's frustrating but understandable but there is a large subset of them who just do not care. Period. And you can't deny that. They're gaming the system and passing things that plainly against the rules because they don't want to get out and go like the game intends. Stop giving those people a pass.

  • It wasn’t just one comment with that mindset as I pointed out in my post above, but I picked that one to highlight as it seemed to be the most extreme. I had never seen anything like it and was confused by how someone could have that type of thought process...that Niantic’s rules should be completely ignored and advocating it in a very public forum.

    I don’t see how following Niantic’s rules and guidelines are “gatekeeping” in the negative sense you imply. Should we not follow Niantic’s rules and guidelines? Do you consider that gatekeeping?

    I can only speak for myself and the area I review in because everywhere is different based on local submitters and reviewers. I continue to get a good stream of quality nominations to review and my approval to reject ratio continues to climb. I had a small streak of very poor nominations to review last week but it dropped off. My rating has always been green and never dropped. I’m glad to have more local Wayspots to review from PoGo players and glad mine are going through faster (although it has slowed down this week). Pretty sure I’m a bad example of “gatekeeping” by most definitions.

    My worry is if the “ignore Niantic’s rules and guidelines” mindset starts to catch on and snowballs out of control. I haven’t seen evidence of that in my area and I would like for it to stay that way. But it worries me when a Reddit post with good advice on how to follow Niantic’s rules and regulations is met with multiple calls to ignore all of Niantic’s rules. Does that not worry you?

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭
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    considering agents are sharing info and giving tips on what passes and doesn't I would say stop worrying yourself to the point it is affecting your ingress playstyle that there will a snowball because if it does niantic will take action. I wouldn't be shocked if they shutoff submissions again like they did when seer got out of control if the system gets out of hand. I agree with caution but talking down and moaning about the small minority doesn't help. People are looking out for obvious forgeries do people actually think all pogo players are going to stand for couches? No they aren't. People aren't happy their apartment complex pools, playgrounds, etc. are denied. If the community found out couches were getting approved rest assured I have a feeling someone will report it.

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