Suggestion: Portal Bounties

Being tired of reporting an invalid portal (for example, painting was erased) and being denied because Google still shows old imagery?

Being tired of submitting a new portal and being denied, because Google thinks it does not exist (again, old imagery)?

Or being denied because it is in a far away location, and Google don't even have a map of the location?

(All problems stemming from relying too much on Google imagery...)

Tired of having to do a lot of legwork, photos and filling appeals to something that should've been automatic?

Then, maybe this proposal is for you.

If someone reports an invalid portal, NIA places a bounty on it, automatically.

If someone submits a portal, but Google imagery is old, NIA places a bounty on it, automatically.

NIA wants something else checked in person, NIA places a bounty on it.

How to get the bounty? You go to the portal's location and take a photo of the location, to clear up any doubt that it exists, or that it was removed, etc. Then, this information is added to Wayfarer, making a better decision or better appeal possible. An agent may redeem a bounty only once, multiple photos are possible, but don't count more.

What is paid in the bounty? NIA decides. It may be just AP, maybe some items.

Is it paid forever? No, it would be paid for the first "n" agents visiting the location and taking the neccesary steps. For example, 1000AP for the first one, 500AP for the second, 250AP for the third, etc. Then, the bounty is considered redeemed and is removed.

Also, there could be some kind of points system for bounties (a new stat). First-to-collect gets 3 points, second gets 2, third gets one. A new medal based on this points could be added.

In wayfarer, other agents rate the bounties photos. Bad, not related, improper photos lower the agent's standing, great, accurate photos increase it, in the same manner the current rating works.

Extra: NIA may event place a hack/takeover bounty for an specific faction (or both factions) for portals in some area, just to create some extra challenge. It even could be automated by some algorithm to balance areas, "shake up" areas that do not see activity, or any other reason at all.

Extra: NIA may restrict some bounties to agents below some level, to stimulate long-term retention.

Extra: Agents may increase the reward at the submission/report time, by placing items in the bounty. The first agent to collect the bounty receives these items. To lower overhead, if no one claims the bounty after some time, the items are deleted.

Extra: Agents may place a bounty on ANY portal with an specific objective (usually, "take it from the opposite faction", but also "up portal level", "add shield", etc.). Maybe, to increase revenue, player's bounties may even be Chaotic Matter (bought by the agent placing the bounty).

Thanks for the time.

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