How Difficult?

I have not participated in any of the decoding events such as figuring out a placement for a clue or how to get a passcode. So I’m wondering how hard these challenges might be.


  • Will be great looking forward to it. It's been ages since touching this again.

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    i am not, i don't see ingress as thinking on challenge on my couch.

  • Well it could be harder than ”K4” but unless someone actually solves k4 we would never know. I do vaguely recall some unsolved codes from a previous event (one of them appears to require demodulating a modem signal and then who knows what). In general cipher challenges tend to be hard but I’m assuming something along the lines of a one time pad based on a specific offset of the bytes in an image hinted at by a historical ingress report is likely (I mean hopefully coz you know this niantic) to be considered too hard for this sort of challenge.

    If by pure coincidence niantic happen to use a key based on what I’ve said above.... I sincerely apologise to everyone.

  • They could be as easy as ROT13, or as difficult as some kind of abstract cipher requiring star charts from the 1800's. We just don't know.

  • if it helps:

    the last IFS coded were 'encrypted' in ascii using a binary representation where 0 = a and 1 = b. the other one was similar but decimal instead of binary. so nothing that can't be solved in minutes by a perl one-liner.

  • There's only one way to find out :)

  • Just try,may the force be with you.

  • Then what are you doing reading and responding on the forum? Go capture those portals and shut up xD

    I saw more interaction with players from this challenge than when I try to gather people for a farm. Prime is too dead lately.

    Will see what happens for the field art for new year...

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