Needed: Rules Clarifications for Wayfarer

@NianticCasey We have some more things to add to the Wayfarer rules. Or else club me over the head and tell me I'm wrong, and I'll (eventually) manage to get a new photo for my eventual resubmission.

So I just had a new rejection for the most tedious of reasons. It's of a Transit Hub, rejected because of ... a license plate. I can mostly get behind that, because a license plate can be used as "personally identifying information", I would normally classify that the same way as an "easily recognizable face".

And an aside: even THAT needs to be added to the Wayfarer site, I trolled through all the docs under "Help" and there was not a single mention of "license plates" as a rejection reason. I'm guessing that it's just somewhere in the available reasons to reject when doing a review?

So. Why am I taking issue? The ONLY visible license plate in my photo was that of a bus. A public transit bus. This is NOT what I or any right-minded person should ever consider to be "personally identifying information".

I'd be less annoyed about this one submission right now, except that I'm already on several submissions for this one thing now, all with spurious rejection reasons. ("No safe pedestrian access"? "Generic business"? "Irrelevant name"?)

Another minor sore spot for me: puns. I like puns. I put puns into submission titles. Baseball-themed puns for baseball diamonds, tennis-themed puns for tennis courts, and occasionally "whatever"-themed puns for a deserved "whatever". Most things I play straight, but for some of these blaringly boring sports fields and such, having a unique name helps to distinguish it from all the rest. If you can PM me I can give specific examples, but otherwise prefer to be private. @AgentB0ss can confirm I have no ill intent and that my punny ones are (relatively speaking) a delight to players.

I do note that when I use a tongue-in-cheek title for a submission? They tend to take about twice as long to be approved as those I submit without puns. So I'm definitely losing voter points each time, but I feel that in general the 10% resubmissions it inflicts on me is, overall, worth it.

If SOMEthing could be written into the guidelines that on-topic humour is allowed and/or encouraged, that would also be awesome @NianticCasey

I'm sure I'm missing out on some other glaring omissions from the new Wayfarer site. But those are the ones irritating me personally today lol


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