Discrepancy regarding First Discoverer points

Dear @Truthseeker ,

I have noticed a discrepancy in the points awarded for First Discoverer of the livedrop Tessera during round 2 & 3. Both those Tessera were awarded five (5) points each in the calculation of the total score on the Tessellation board, yet only received one (1) point each according to the placement video/livestream. Attached screenshots to illustrate the difference.

In the rules it is stated that:

More infrequently, specific Tesserae may be made available as physical objects, which will be acquirable by Agents as live- or dead-drops. These will be harder to obtain than digital Tessera, and worth more points in the final tally.


From time to time, the Tethered Hand may assign different point values to specific Tessera. More details on this, as they become available. For example, so far it seems that the First Discoverer of live- or dead-drops earns 5 points for their Faction, instead of just one.

Can you please elaborate which amount of points are correct?



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