OPSEC information - how long before declassifying?

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I wanted to just start a discussion between both factions on intel that we choose to not release to the greater public. How long is long enough to hold onto this info? I understand the risks of giving the other faction information, but are we able to come together as a cross faction group and decide when we want to release our intel?

I am resistance, and just like Enlightened, we have intel that has been deemed opsec that is related to the tesselation. Having seen that intel first hand, all of what is in it is either 1) already publicly known, or 2) had to be given out twice, because the person who gave it out might have expected it to make its way to Essex.

I also see that even as far back as Cassandra Prime, Enlightened was holding onto a trove of information from Carrie Campbell.

PAC also explicitly made a call to release OPSEC info to cross faction groups.

So you can see that both factions are guilty of withholding information from Essex for various reasons. I'm not here to point fingers, I'd like to find solutions. I'm not suggesting we get rid of all OPSEC intel, but can we set an expiration date, at which point we are comfortable declassifying it? Maybe a few months? What do you think? The Tesselation is first and foremost a battle against Nemesis, and if we are fighting among ourselves, we run the risk that we can lose it for both factions.

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