Keeping Interest in IFS

A year ago our local community launched our first IFS and have been keeping a monthly schedule of them rotating through the area until this month. No one stepped up to organize one and we're having issues finding POCs for January. That coupled with much lower attendances at the ones we've had recently are making us wonder a few things:

  • How do you keep the veterans interested?
  • How do you attract new people to try Ingress at an IFS?
  • What could Niantic do to help?



  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think a mini shard game would be nice.

  • 1. Veterans may be interested in small unofficial anomalies with rules similar to classic clusters or shards. We already carried out a detailed one and they really liked it, but even a huge amount of items are spent for 1-2 hours

    2. If you mean those who have never played Niantic games before, then nothing. The entrance threshold to Ingress is too high

    3. First of all, provide tools to track players' statistics in real time, as was the case at Field Tests that could be tracked by the organisers and other players. Next, we would like to have tools to create our own shards, ornaments for cluster anomalies, our own media for artifacts.

    It is also possible to support those who organize events with the Niantic Volunteer coin, as it was done for reporters in anomaly, with discounts in the Niantic Shop, so that the organizers could buy more products for the prizes for the participants.

    I have, for example, organised more than 14 FS, but I really don't feel motivated to do it anymore and no other RES in our city wants to participate in the FS

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    Niantic could offer some bonuses for recursion and recursed agents (like was strongly implied when recursion was announced) that makes the AP grind worthwhile.

    I recursed once. I leveled up to 8 in a day and then never worried about the AP grind again. Not much happens after level 8.

    If Niantic would dangle things like an option to purchase keys lockers for each recursion, I'd be bashing out the AP and then I'd also be interested in FS.

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