Nemesis's purpose?

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I wanted to post this in several threads, but it always seemed out of place there, and I didn't want to derail a topic. So, I'll start a new thread.

I got this idea from reading the thread entitled Nemesis: Their Meaning, Purpose, Message & Archetypes. It got me wondering, what is Nemesis's purpose? I'm not reading too much into the names or archetypes, and I only processes but a few fragments of a much, MUCH bigger truth. But I feel I am getting a picture of Nemesis's goal through their messages sent to my scanner.

It's becoming more and more clear that Nemesis are fighting the "exogonists," and that they believe the exogonists bring ruin. Further, I think that Umbra hinted that the exogonists have somehow messed up the Nemesis home world, or home dimension (though one can interpret his words in different ways.) Avenir was trying to cut mankind off from the power of XM, so my guess is that Nemesis believes that the exogonists use XM to somehow bring ruin to the world. Further, Courier hinted that the shapers aren't who they claim to be and that Nemesis needs our help.

My guess is that Nemesis has arrived in our world to seek safe haven from the exogonists that have "ruined" their world. Further, I believe that Nemesis is trying to prevent the Exogonists from "messing" up our world, like the exogonists messed up their world. I also think that maybe, agents' interactions with the portals are eroding the barriers between the exogonists and our world.

So, I think Nemesis is trying to help us.

But, this is half of the story. If what I assumed is true is true, then Nemesis thinks that the exogonists have ruined the Nemesis home dimension. But, who knows what the exogonists are really trying to do.

Are the exogonists really bad? Until we find out what the exogonists hope to accomplish, we won't know.

Of course, Nemesis could be right. Maybe we really DON'T want to know what the exogonists hope to accomplish. Maybe it will be one of those things where once we know, it will be too late.

As an aside, maybe those weird helmets that Nemesis wears are designed to protect them from the influence of XM. Just an afterthought.


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