Portal Removal Appeal: Geometric Abstract Mural

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Category: Appeal of Portal Removal

Title of the Portal: Geometric Abstract Mural

Location: 42.566021,-83.149385

City: Troy (Michigan)

Country: United States

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A - appeal of portal removal. Here is a screenshot of its approval:

Photos to support your claim:

Sorry about the lighting on the above picture...

As you can see, the entrance artwork is still there (The same image is actually on three walls as you enter!) It is located at the entrance to a public community center, open 7 days a week to all ages. I am not sure why this was removed in the first place, as it was only recently submitted and approved by the Wayfarer community!

In-game support told me "We have reviewed the Portal in question and confirm that it has been removed due to it does not fit into or meets the Ingress Portal Candidate Criteria."(sic). According to the most recent AMA, "doesn't meet criteria" isn't even a valid reason for removing a portal. This is non-mass produced artwork marking the entrance to a public gathering place, approved by the Wayfarer community - I have no idea what option somebody checked when reporting it as invalid, but you can see it is clearly there! Please restore. Thanks

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  • I can confirm myself that the art still exists, The portal shouldn't have been removed as mentioned above and it should be restored to correct the mistake.

  • The art is still there. Per the terms there really shouldn't have been any reason for it to have been removed. It was approved already. I agree it should be restored to correct the mistake.

  • Please reinstate this as it doesn't really make sense saying it's ineligible. I concur, the wrap around mural is still present in the entrance corridor of the banquets and kitchen wing and of the community center. The community center itself is on public use land in the civic center, open to the general public (who are frequently present in the corridor and lobby past the mural sitting in the public seating provided). It's essentially an indoor public park with a curfew and pretty decent free wifi. When have murals or sculptures on city public use land ever been ineligible?

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

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