Is there a bug with stored upgrades? (Having upgrades before any submissions)

BeeBeeZeeBeeBeeZee ✭✭
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I have an Ingress and PoGo account on separate emails.

My Ingress account has always more upgrades than submissions (by choice) and PoGo account is vice versa.

However, I notice that now my stored upgrades that get applied to the submission takes forever to get into voting. It has been 3 days and nothing has happened. For PoGo, I had used an Upgrade Next on a submission and once I hit another upgrade, the sub has immediately gone into voting. This has already happened 3x before this latest instance.

Is this yet another bug? Why does Niantic never **** respond to us? Why do they keep outdoing their own incompetence?


  • 3 days is nothing, lol. 6 Weeks would be a time to complain right now.

  • BeeBeeZeeBeeBeeZee ✭✭
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    My upgrade next submission in my PoGo account has gone from queue to upgraded/voting to accepted in less than a day.

    My upgraded submission in Ingress has been stuck in queue for 3 days.

    So it is obvious something is wrong.

    edit: Just to be even clearer, PoGo sub was upgraded after Ingress and has already exited the system.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Same areas or different areas?

  • Same area. Within 5km.

    Another update, my second upgraded portal on PoGo has also gone through to acceptance in a day.

    Both my old Ingress upgraded portals remain in queue. Two more I tried the 'Upgrade Next' on last night however are also still in queue. An issue could be that I already had the Upgrade waiting but not applied, so I used Upgrade Next and it took a couple hours to apply.

    Either way, I now have 4 Ingress upgraded portals stuck in the queue whereas 2 PoGo stops were upgraded, voted on and approved already.

    Something has to be wrong.

  • The algorhythm is just bad af. Also the work list goes new->old. Which means you can as well withdraw weeks old stuff.

    I have 14 PoGo POIs stuck in queue. Pretty much nothing went into vote during November. A single one did and disappeared in the voting Limbo.

    Of the 7 ones I made on Dec. 1. 4 went into vote within 48hrs and cand to an agreement. All had automagic upgrades.

    Only difference between Nov. and Dec. is that the stored upgrades get applied again and I got the feeling that players here review again more frequently. So I guess it's because of that.

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