Pymmes Park in Enfield, UK - Do Not Accept submissions here

All of the UK reviewers in the telegram OPR communities know of the infamous Pymmes Park in Enfield, UK. Pretty much all of the submissions are fake, taken from other submissions in the system, and subbed using a fake camera app.

We know this because most of the submissions are hidden under trees, duplicated around the park, and not appearing on the Google Spheres that a member of the community did to try to help prevent further portals getting accepted.

I just reviewed a portal from there that had the same photos from another submission I had reviewed earlier in the day from somewhere else in the country. Using Prime as well, so fake camera apps still function for that app.

As far as the UK OPR Community knows, nothing has ever been done about the submitter/s. Hopefully with this new community in place, something can finally be done about these cheaters.


  • I've seen photospheres from there where you can see the guys head (and his name in the photo) and he's standing with his camera in the middle of a grass field claiming it to be something or other. Just nuke all of the portals in the park, fake or not, and garnish the guys stats.

  • For such a small space of land there does appear to be a higher than expected number of photospheres in general.

  • Fake photospheres can be tagged in the Streetview app (and I assume in Google maps, but I haven't tried it). Whether or not Google do anything about it, I've no idea. But it can't hurt. Mass reporting may be the way to go.

  • SenmanaSenmana ✭✭✭

    Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. Will definitely be extra vigilant.

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