Simon said Glyph more

As an idea to make incentives to get players more active I thought that it would be a nice idea to have a weekly challenge.

If you successfully have an in game action (deploy, destroy, hack) during the week, you unlock a challenge at the end of the week. This challenge would allow you to make a special glyph hack on a portal of your choice. The gylph hack would be based on the "simon said" game where as long as you can repeat the sequence, you get a bigger sequence each time. This would allow to have sequence of more than 5 glyphs. The more glyph you complete the more you can continue the sequence and the rewards get better.

Added bonus of this option would be that media or information related to the current state of investigation an be disclosed. This will also encourage people to glyph more and get used to it.

Any thoughts about this ?

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