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Truthseekers, from the latest report, the passphrase to engage Agent TurquoiseEyes was "Mandela Effect". I'm also led to believe that the Enlightened solved a riddle in Nashville. which enabled them to receive the Myriad live-drop Tessera there. Would one of the Agents involved be willing to share what the riddle was? Since the Tessera has already been acquired, I believe this intel should now be non-confidential.




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    PAC, the Enlightened have discussed and have agreed to disclose the question posed to our team in Nashville.

    However, we must highlight the risk we face in doing so. At this point in time, very little is known about the stakes involved in the Tessalation and the points being awarded to either faction. For this reason, agents have been taking actions to give their own faction advantages (however small) against both the opposing faction, as well as against nemesis.

    In asking us to disclose the question given to us in Nashville, we are conceding some information that the Resistance could use at a future live drop. As an example, had the question been a complicated math equation, the Resistance would then know to have their best mathematicians on hand for future drops.

    Perhaps in future, the team who is unable to retrieve the drop from the contact first, should still locate the contact and hear the question first hand. Besides, who knows if Nemisis has their eyes on these forums?

    With all that said, the question which was used to confirm our agents were not affiliated with Nemisis was this;

    "What could a single pixel be?"

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    Withholding information proves a negative benefit for all agents. Anything to prevent Nemesis from obtaining points seems to be an overall goal.

    However, this is also understandable based on what seems to be nefarious end goals that is the Tessellation. The hesitation makes sense.

  • And what was the accepted answer to this question?

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