Invalid Portal Report: Palcam Student

Category: Portal Removal Appeal

Category: Palcam Student

Title of the Portal: Palcam Student


GPS Coord: 41°24'40.0"N 2°10'17.7"E - 41.411104, 2.171589

City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A – appeal of portal removal

Photos to support your claim: See below.

The portal is a mural located at the entrance of an institution, created by the agent @Furafera (ENL) in 2013 and has never disturbed the quiet and normal operation of the establishment.

The portal that was removed was previously approved through OPR and meets several of the criteria provided by Niantic.

It is natural that a portal approved in 2013 and that meets the requirements of Niantic, continue doing so now, so we ask that the portal be restored.

Thank you


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