Good afternoon! I ask to specify that in criterion of an assessment of portals it is understood under "Playground".

In our country, playgrounds are in every yard of every apartment building. They are small, often it's just some kind of slide and nothing else. And they are the same type.

Here is an example:****95sO8MkW-5JS1u55Br0bPzrvU,37.721042&z=17&pll=55.795353,37.721042,37.726271&z=17&pll=55.794626,37.726271,37.725495&z=17&pll=55.794026,37.725495 

With the arrival of Pokemongo in wayfarer, all these sites began to accept, using just this item from the criteria. Previously, it was regulated that practiee in the ingress protivodymnoy contrast to pokemon, and did not approve such applications on the basis of the color area. Now the players Pokemonro there is no stopping factor.


  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    From Help > Potentially Confusing Nominations:

    Playgrounds - Eligible, as long as they are not located on primary and secondary school grounds, child care centers, day care centers, or private residential property. Indoor playgrounds should be evaluated on their cultural and historical significance.

    And before that, from the Candidate Action Guide:

    Candidate: Playground

    Policy: Accept

    Suggested Vote:

    ACCEPT if the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise.

    If Ingress agents in your area have been rejecting playgrounds before, then they were not following Niantic's guidelines. So it is rather rich to come to Niantic's forums and complain that PoGo players are following Niantic's guidelines when you believe they shouldn't.

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