When do you use the 'Abuse' button?

Since Wayfarer was released I keep getting a 'abuse reject' now and then for nomination I think that are portal worthy and in chats I hear people clicking the abuse button for several reasons I don't agree with.

I was wondering how everyone else around here uses the Abuse button.

Using it for:

  • False photo's and discriptions
  • The other abuse parts, like bad language, personal info etc

Heard people were using it for:

  • Begging bad nominations to be accepted
  • Mass produced items like streetlights in general

I think it's good people are getting banned from Wayfarer because the quality is low, but I'm worried innocent people will get striked, because portals they think are worthy are rejected. Let's not forget opinions might be different. If it's clearly not worth to be a portal a 1* rating will do. No need to report abuse, if it's just well stupidy. Abuse isn't a 'dislike' button.

But these are just my thoughts. I was wondering other thoughts.



  • cmonineedanamecmonineedaname ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    I use it for blatantly unqualified house portals, or fake photos, or obnoxious things like soda cans and cats, or their floor and ceiling.

    I was on the fence with a "wood carving" in a front yard today, but because it wasn't 100% blatant abuse, I just rejected for PRP.

    May we see what your nominations were that got flagged this way?

  • Not sure why anyone would flag the first as abuse unless there was a huge location or text problem with it. That last one is a gutter as far as I can tell. I would reject it but probably not mark it as abuse. You probably just came up while somebody was already annoyed with equally bad nominations.

  • the categories for abuse are spelled out explicitly and I have only been using it for those categories. There are no categories for the deceitful placement of portals or obviously bad submissions and, even though I think that should be one of the categories, using the Abuse category for that is itself willful and flagrant abuse of Wayfarer.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not because that's what Krug said to do in an AMA

  • relevant category under Abuse to report these.

    That response is still invalid because Niantic hasn't bothered to add a "relevant category" under Abuse. A made up portal is not "abuse, ridicule, target, or **** specific people or groups", is not explicit content, is not offensive text or imagery, and is not an attempt to spread the personal information of the others. I have seen people mention having success using a support ticket though, and if I ever saw somebody going far enough with an attempt to fake a portal and I was confident I would use that.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's abuse and ridiculing the system. This is the instructions given to players by a Niantic Representative. I'm not saying all things that don't fit criteria should be marked for abuse but things that are clearly system abuse can be AS INSTRUCTED IN THE AMAS

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you're going to quote part of the AMA why not use the entire queston and answer

    Q: Macerick82 - OPR: Can we expect to get features to Flag made up Portals?

    A: If you see them in OPR, you can one-star the candidate and choose the relevant category under Abuse to report these. If you notice them in your scanner, use the Report Invalid Portal option.

    If someone is faking POI's to abuse the system it can be 1* as abuse, in the subsection chosen abuse and then in the comment, write something along the lines of "fake poi, submitter is trying to abuse the system"

    What is so difficult to understand that we have been told to use the abuse function for made up POI's

  • Whoab0tWhoab0t ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    I mark "abuse" for pretty much every reason others have said:

    • Obviously fake portals
    • Spam portals (your toilet, your cat, your foot)
    • Portals that name other agents in the title or description
    • Portals that don't meet criteria, but am positive I've one starred at least a dozen times, but they keep getting submitted

    They may not abuse "groups" (unless you count my third criterion as such), but they abuse me by wasting my time, and abuse the system.

    That junction though, that's not an abuse flag. Whoever marked it as such needs a refresher course.

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    I use it as per the description: "Use for nominations where the text or photo is used to abuse, ridicule, target, or **** specific people or groups."

    Faked photos and such I report to Remy instead.

    Body parts, selfies, etc? There's rejection reasons for those (Body Part, etc), which I use when applicable.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    The most recent one I marked as abuse was the same tree submitted for the 5th time.

  • The Abuse function in Wayfarer opens up opportunities for some real abuse.

    Me and my friend are Resistance and are on minority team in the area. Members of opposing Enlightened team are flagging our completely legit nominations as Abuse which resulted in me and my friend getting banned from Wayfarer!

    It shows that with enough numbers you can remove any player you don't like from the game.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you have copies of the email rejections and details of the submissions that you have had returned as abuse ?

  • Here is one such example. While it may not be an awesome nomination, it's definitely not abuse, harassment or trolling.

    Translation: in Croatian "Zid Sreće" means "Wall of Happiness"

  • Like @Theisman , I wouldn't call this a "completely legit nomination"

    Nor can I see any resemblance of a "wall"

  • Wow, is the system working? :)

  • Mr. Zeksy is a pokemon go player who, like many players in his po go group, began to play ingress so they could control the opr and, despite wintrade with another player in his group, progressed slowly through the game. Sam states that there are 30 players in the ingress who have multiple ingress accounts, not only because of the dominance of the field, but because of the liking of the portal images and determining where the gym will be in pokemon. With the advent of the new grading system, they used to buy pokemon go accounts over the internet, so now in my town you suddenly have a bunch of gym spuffers, it was thought to be foreign spooks when it comes to domestic ones. Mr. Zeksy also knows how to be in raid without being physically present. He cites some empty accounts as someone else's voting machine, so his associates have multiple accounts in pokemons not from one team but at least 6 from each team, so when they occupy the gym it is immediately full and, of course, there is no one at the gym. Just open the intel folder and see how many portals there are in the Duil area and most of them are in gym pokemon, nice to see. It is also nice to see the Brda settlement that has become like Duilovo in the last year, a gaming paradise, a gym not just ordinary but also ex raid for invitations, with only one player living in these neighborhoods. Mr. Zeksy and his team of players have a team for drawing graffiti, so every now and then something becomes new and immediately becomes a portal because they, as voting machines, determine where and what goes. Whether there are better or worse entries, there are some with my team are all bad with his all good. Intel map says everything go to the map and see what Duilovo looks like, a cemetery where Mr. Zeksi has been saying a lot and everything is gone, the cemetery is locked in the evening and the gyms change colors without the presence of players. In ingress lists there are about thirty in pokemon there are over 100 in the group while in my pokemon group there are about twenty and only a couple of active players every day and we play under the gym and don't fly. There are only two of us in ingress who could have once reported something and a tactically more numerous group decides, not the rule of thumb, but the majority. Because they control the game and the few players in my group who were able to vote and report the new ones, they didn't even get started with banners every 24 hours, etc. without even being able to report something, because most said it was abuse. a good new weapon for most. It has always been that way and it will stay, the largest shopping mall in the country is really next to me, and it has three portals. So much for Mr. Zeksi, old ingress players do not support what new ingress players do in their midst and are outraged at pokemon go, a game that, like ingress, is one of the best games. In the end I would add look at the intel map and it will all say, more Mr. Zeksy has smokes than feet, pardons equal number one and the other in a small space.

  • To conclude this discussion, there are many more everywhere, Mr. Zeksy holds lessons on what should or should not be a portal, possibly in another gym game so that for him, fire access and private ownership, a playground portal, does not mean anything graffiti inside private abandoned premises as well as the portal or the Hamlet gym, there are many more entries in the circle of educational institutions, schools, etc., if Mr. Zeksy reported it goes ...

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Lets not turn this thread into people having a go at each other over who plays what game, etc etc.

    I honestly couldnt care less who plays what game, which team / side they are on or who submitted what.

    Now I have no idea and really don't care about who made the submissions above, it has no relevance to the fact the ones shown are trash submissions and deserve to be rejected and considering the low quality of them I'm not suprised they got marked as abuse

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    More edit abuse, likely due to Pokemon-gym-stop creation shenanigans. No idea on the location though.


  • Wow, that is some impressive coordination to game the system. The reddit thread even says they coordinated together to get around the normal spacing rules.

  • It's a BAD SUBMISSION... NOT abuse. Please understand the difference!

  • I agree with kenbeimer. If something doesn't meet criteria, just give it 1 star and move on. Reporting it as Abuse is just malicious.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please read the quote above about made up POI's , if they are making something up, i.e. a group of pot plants as an art display, then we have been told to mark them as abuse.

    I'm following the instructions as ive been informed to

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