Ingress and pokemon Wayfarer

And this can happen, you played ingress and reached level 12 and you evaluated portals on opr. In the same mail you had a pokemon go account where you are level 40. And what happens you can't rate with two accounts but only with one because they have the same mail. Can the accounts be separated or not, your experiences.My thing is that whatever mail you try to transfer your pokemon go account ingress account is following it.


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    The ToS applies to Wayfarer just as it does Ingress, Pokemon Go, and HPWU. It even says as much at the bottom of the login screen. In the ToS, it is a violation to use multiple accounts for the same service.

  • means accounts can't be separated when they have the same mail for different games because they have a common role in rating. So it may be that another group is constantly logging you in and you are guilty or don't get ban in ingress and it applies to pokemon go and you can no longer play both games, all that TOS.

  • And to have all-world games in the same mail, school for others, separate games by mail address, not to be the same because for some reasons you may lose bills, time and effort. to get a ban because the opposite side is more numerous and fabricate charges against you to get you out of the game.

  • You have bigger problems if you lose your google or facebook accounts

  • are you asking because you are a guy which is in the same boat of many people which is banned in a game hence cant review because same email? or just because want to review with two accounts?

    well whatever, it is possible i supose if niantic wants to, if not, it will not be possible, but i think too its just bad to make an account from another game completely useless because another game, but well dunno who the decide that kind of stuff in niantic i mean its the problem when you dont get people to create their own accounts in your own system and use another one in this case gmail, other companies especially bigger ones hold the accounts in their own servers and the accounts are actually located, created and maintained by the company not using third party

    so no, you cant separate the accounts at this point and support wont even help you sometimes, support are just guys which just copy and paste answers and 99% of the time dont escalate the stuff to people who can because they are told to no do so unless is really important

  • i'm still not banned in the game i play ingress honestly with one account and it bothers the ingress community players in my area because they are in wintrade and spoofing and i dont want to play their apa build system, same so when i go to report something in my neighborhood they say that that mockery, violence and the like so I got a ban with the warning that my account could be canceled ie mail in the Niantica game so there is a danger that my ingress and pokemon account will be terminated only because they are the majority. All these other players in my neighborhood, they have more acounts of different colors and use them to farm and collect weapons and, of course, dominate the field, because in ingress more aconta means dominance. that's why I mention second or third mail depending on how many games you play, I also play hery chase and ingress and pokemon in the same mail because I didn't think about what could happen to me. From email hacking, phishing and the like.

  • wayfarer is something that affects the ingress and nuances of Nuantic, many ingress players will play both Hary Potter and pokemon go to know what might happen, informative content and reasonable arguments, or in the opinion of someone and not

  • Than happen people has 2 or more pokego account, and not banned. all reach 40 lvl and can use wayfare

  • There aren't even COMMs to communicate with other trainers to do raids, of course are no forums for PoGo

  • In this post you can see reply from Zheksy where he listed recent portal submits by OP.

    I don't need to write much for you to understand what kind of person you're dealing with here. Most of locals advised him to submit things that meet the portal criteria but he simply does not care and keeps on abusing the system with his army of lvl 40 accounts.

    Wish he would listen to unbiased people of the internet when he won't listen to locals that only want to help him.

  • Zeksy always had support for all his applications, before he got the opportunity to report a lot of what he did, but it did not go through. I'm glad everything went well because the game looks so much better. It shows the army of your levels, the numbers because everything else that is not in your group goes through. Please nice Zeksy keep logging on at Duilovo and Padzigrad, your neighborhoods look good. Report something in mine as nothing can go through, I have no intention of reporting anything because I'm following the ban :), most of the power is there, you know where I report so it is written that this is abuse, I have always been for the enrichment of the game never against it and of course for fair play. there is that.

  • why would you want to review twice? wayfarer reviewing is boring and unrewarding as is lolol

    my email is connnected to my lv15 ingress and lv40 pogo, and i'm perfectly fine with that

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