Niantic: Please find a better Gym selection method

PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

Now that PoGo players have latched onto picture upvotes as the gym selection method, they've started to damage Ingress by creating level 1 accounts and spoofing to upvote. And now we have idiotic suggestions like "Give us a new portal channel so we can know to upvote" that do nothing for Ingress and just clutter an already data heavy information screen.

Pick a better method of choosing Gyms than relying on another game's players. Upvoting pictures is almost never done in Ingress for anything but stealing the primary photo from another player (or protecting a photo from people trying to steal the primary photo).

Is that the selection method you want?

Use OSM data like what is a park or field, choose locations that are further from a road or portals that are in a denser set of other portals. Anything but upvotes on photos.



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