Obsidius Puzzle Results?

Truthseekers, I'm led to believe that the Resistance solved a puzzle in Las Vegas which enabled them to receive the live-drop Tessera there. Would one of the Agents involved be willing to share what they found? Since the Tessera has already been acquired, I believe this intel should now be non-confidential.




  • By disclosing this puzzle, you are rewarding Enlightened for nothing and resting value to the Resistance efforts @Truthseeker

  • I believe this intel should now be non-confidential.

    I think so, @Truthseeker. But you should reveal who is the Obsidius at first. I guess you know because many Intels coming from other universes.

  • @HendrikTovenaar and the Resistance Truthseekers, your generosity is appreciated and concerns noted. This intel itself is simultaneously clarifying and afflicting...

    The puzzle for Avenir live-drop, from what I've gathered, was a message that appeared several times in transmissions coming from Avenir. It was later revealed on the Avenir page of Januslaboratorium. The "barriers" to cross before retrieving the live-drop seems to have heightened. This could be the Tethered Hand's way of preparing us what's to come. However, when facing these cryptic entities, as the runes in Aurora's Game said, "never stick to one single rule". It seems, just when we feel like finally grasped the direction of this "game"... things may very well make a sharp turn at the next corner.

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