[GRAPHIC BUG] liked portals appear next to me after linking to them

The last few days it hapened some times that portals I linked to appered right next to me after I linked to them.

Its just a graphical bug and gone after restarting the game but its strange to see portals randomly teleporting next to me and watch links crossing each other.

One of the two portals at the bottom of the screen exist. The other one right next to it is the one that should be at the right top corner of that strange field at the middle of the screen. Normally it should be outside of the screen at the right side, The one in the middle of the screen is in reality where the "G" of my playername stands. The links are both posible but they shouldnt create a field if this would have worked corect.

The bug is only graphical. When i go next to a teleported portal and try to hack it I receve the message that Im too far away.

After a restart of the game everything is fine.



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