Appealing rejection of invalid Portal Report: Diane Sitting

edited November 2019 in Invalid Portal Report

Catagory: Invalid Portal Report

Title of Portal: Diane Sitting, Country Club Pl

Location: 39.0412860, -94.5950430

City: Kansas City, MO

Country: USA

Screenshot of rejection email: There was an error displaying this embed.

Evidence to support claim:

Photos of area shows POI was demolished for work on new property. First photo shows nearby POI named "Benjamin Franklin,life-size br" on far left side; POI was located in center point of photo from crosswalk. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed.

Property will be of a generic business that will take up most of the area with no new POI candidates expected to replace these:

This POI, along with three others ("Out To Lunch By J. Seward Johnson" "The Pinta, The Niña, And The Santa María" and "Lion Statues") in the area of the demolished old property should be removed.



  • Additional location reference per photos; POI former location is marked with a green X:

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Portal in question.

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