Boring threads

This has possible become the most uninteresting place to read now.

All I can see on here is people crying about there once great rating. It's become boring and pointless.

Old ingress players who dont keep up to date with change in guidelines and review not on what niantic say but read into every detail like there life depends on it.

New pogo reviewers come in like the cool kids on wall street upsetting grandad by wanting to have some fun in there area.

It really is just a waste of time. I said this would happen months ago and all the stuck in there ways ingress reviewers said I was talking rubbish.

My suggestion if you dont like it dont do it. Go out side, step away from the keyboard and start playing.

What was once an interesting thread has just become pointless. And when I say interesting I just mean AMAs on what is in or out.


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