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I am struggling with publishing a banner which is part of the #MissionProject.

Out of 24 Missions, 2 are getting rejected with the standard multiple choice option.

The Banner was already approved by Niantic staff 10 times so far, 8 times in Japan and once in PH and once in FI.

So the issue can't be because of copyright of the image, since the image already passed the copyright check 10 times.

The image is agent made, by Rikka6, we are aware that we can't publish copyrighted images, so waited until we had the agent's approval to do so.

The Title and description is in German, since I am publishing it in a german speaking area.

The title for the banners are quite straight forward:  ##-24 #MP A PRIME HOLIDAY Theme "Country code" "Town"

The Description of the mission is about where the agent will pass by, example the Old Town and the street, what to see in the area and where it goes next.

The route is on walking path and safe, also 24hr accessible, the passphrase used is the mission number, so it is easy to guess for anyone.

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  • I tried to submitting it since the 14th of Nov. I send it insofar 11 times, per mission.

  • @Shogun79 - ouch. That is many times, effort and time spent. Hopefully Niantic sorts this out soon.

  • Here would be also the tweet by Rikka6 that she is looking forward to see the image as mission banner




    #ingress #ingressfs

    google translation

    Last October's FS Art Competition winning work will be a 24 consecutive mission! It seems that a mission production group composed of agents from all over the world has prepared and you will be able to play in various countries and regions, thank you. Look forward to it #ingress#ingressfs

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    I'm having the same issue with a 36 part banner. 1-15 & 17-36 are live.

    I've tried over 15 times now for Mission 16 to be approved. It's part of a huge walk & is in "sections" so you can group them together.

    For the first 15 times, I had it as hack only (as the other 35 are!). For the last time just, I put in a question at one portal that is easy to figure out as the dates are on it. However, Niantic rejected it with the standard reply. If it was the case, the other 35 should not have been approved, but they have been. Now, there's a mile and a half to the start of 17 from 15, missing out on interesting portals & local information / background.

    I've tried it with edited images, no images, different route down the hill in question but nothing I've changed has been accepted.

    There's no facility in the Support to raise a ticket (unless I'm missing it or you raise it as a scanner issue, which it isn't!) for missions that are being rejected & you cannot reply as the rejection comes from an un-monitored email account. #Help @RedSoloCup

    Others haven't been able to shed any light as to why either, for this mission is no different from the other 35 that are live. 🤷‍♀️

    I'd like some help or understanding on this.

  • Same here... I guess NiaOPS simply abuse their “little power” and refuse perfectly valid missions to bully us while we volunteer to create quality content.

    I'm having missions refused for the most laughable reasons.... still struggling to have a big banner approved by only 5 missions… it was 100% in comply with the rules but in the meantime and after so many rejections in order to get it online I’ve made changes and the original mission path is wrong, the original image is altered titles as descriptions are getting different from the ones already approved… I’ll keep on trying and one day If approved I’ll complete the banner and in the end I'll delete it for not being enjoyable at all and I’ll delete all the mission content I’ve created. This it’s disrespectful.

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