Exclusive Passcode

It turns out that this "exclusive passcode" is not so exclusive. Can I please ask niantic not to use terms like exclusive passcode when all that is done in this case is provide a 13 day old passcode that I already redeemed.

This is not the first time that we receive exclusive passcodes via email that have already been shared with the world almost 2 before the actual passcode was released. If a statement like exclusive passcode is used in the email header then I expect to receive an exclusive passcode that I can redeem and not this same old stuff.

Additionally, the passcode is shared as a link. It's not so easy to copy it on many mobile devices (I heard this a lot). The link also doesn't seem to take to a site were we can redeem it. This makes the link obsolete, annoying as hell and add that we can't even redeem it .. .. $#@$&¥£¢π .

So please either change the text to something like "previously decoded passcode" of provide a passcode we can actually redeem.

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