Feature Request - Distant Portal Navigation Change

Currently if you're in a remote area with no portals, the closest 3 portals appear in navigation.

Could this be made into the closest 3 with 1 each of RES, ENL, & Neutral? As opposed to 3 of any alignment. It might be especially useful in figuring out where your team mates are or where rival areas are.


  • Since 2.36 came out, it actually shows me only the 3 nearest portals I've Interacted with.

    I was 160km from my usual area, it was showing me those portals. Meanwhile there were dozens of missions and portals 7k away.

    Any change that gets it to show me any portals I haven't interacted with would be a big improvement.

  • edited December 2019

    IMO that's overcomplicating the nearest portal capability. If you want to know the state of the game around you, use the Intel map. That's what it's for. If there are 10 opposing portals near me, I don't want to see the grey portal 300kms away.

    Plus as @Gersterwind points out, the damn thing is broken anyway.

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