Over 21K agreements, just hit Poor

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I earned my OPR spurs in May 2018, since then I made over 34K reviews with over 21K agreements (that's over two times the Onyx Recon badge). The only time my rating was below 'Great' was right at the beginning. Once I climbed to 'Great', I stayed there... until recent few days. First, I descended to yellow field. I started to do reviews even more cautiously then before. But today I had a streak of easy one-stars (dog poop container, private houses, crappy graffitti, fake localisations - the usual suspects). And suddenly there it was: the prompt message saying 'Your rating is Poor. Would you like to re-take the test to improve your rating?' (the prompt was in Polish, so I won't write it word for word).

Re-take the test? Double Onyx and I have to re-take the test because bunch of **** decided that poop container would be a good Wayspot? Over 283 hours of free labor for Niantic (over 34000 reviews, at least 30 seconds per review), overriden by a fake submission? (By the way, with minimal federal wage per hour being $7.25, we are talking about over $2050 worth of labor)

I re-took the test (and passed it quickly - it's much easier now than in May 2018), but I feel deeply offended. I'll refrain from providing my services to you for the closest time


  • Welcome to the red rejects club 😂 your not alone in this but I refuse to take the test again as you get 1 chance only and I have been bouncing from green to red to yellow to red .... come join the convo ....


  • We are many with the same tale.

    If anyone reading this hasn't taken the test, don't: you'll fall back in Red in 24 hours.

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    Lol. Failed two years ago. Can not even retake the test (would love to do do)

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    i think they are trying to reduce the influence of the 1* army.

    So my guess is that they leave nominations in that should not be 1*'ed.

    don't 1* everything, just srpp, school grounds, pedestrian access. and then use the 2* if it's not a great candidate but not obviously a 1* for everyone.

    As ingress players we are used to 1*, then we panicked when niantic actually added a reason for us to submit why we are 1*'ing.

    just remember that 2* is a rejection as well, but then you have to check all the other stuff, like location and historic value.

    don't think niantic will every explain themselves, but do believe it has nothing to do with pogo players and niantic is testing us in different ways (like test nominations, and not 5*'ing playgrounds/trail markers when the majority selects playground/trail marker)

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  • I've only ever used wayfarer,not opr, and am around 40% agreement but always have been great rated at wayfarer reviews.

    I don't think agreement percentage is, or even should be, a gauge to how good of a reviewer someone is.

    If you have bad reviewers in your area, a great reviewer will get low agreements over the short term.

    I've seen so many bad portals in my local area to not be ,at least, skeptical that high agreement ingress players can all be great reviewers.

    I saw a post where a reviewer had 20000+ agreements , but complained of a poor rating. The same reviewer had only 11 agreed duplicates. I've had 20 agreed duplicates in the past day.

    I see this post here complaining of being poor, but also suggesting they take only 30 seconds to review.

    I average 5 minutes a review. I click and zoom all the images, I Google sign text, I click and check every possible duplicate image. I check and regularly move the location marker especially if there is hint it is unsafe. If it is on the kerb touching the road gutter , it gets moved to the point it registers as a move and remains as close to the actual as possible etc. I go to pains to research signs and areas and give detailed feedback.

    Here's my take. Poor reviewers fall in three categories. One are the truly bad reviewers. Two are those getting caught in an ever evolving algorithm, but I think this is smaller % than people want to believe. The third have made a big one off mistake somewhere, and most likely on allowing something unsafe to pass or a location to pass that could bring a lawsuit.

    This is niantics biggest asset. They take in billions. You can bet they are also doing human checks on limiting lawsuits and are also running AIs to figure out how to do a lot better. You can also bet when they find unsafe or super bad submissions they are checking to see whi didn't do anything other than seriously red flag it.

  • Could not agree anymore myself great rating until about a week ago.

    Twenty odd thousand reviews even before wayfarer came out to Pokémon go players.

    Now poor because i 1* people laying in bed and abuse pictures saying " warning keep away from this ****ing ****e "

    I may quit soon because it's beyond a joke let them submit with I don't know if your level 40 was it ? Twice over or something.

  • 1 star are reserved strictly for candidates from the 1 star list - the problem is that suddenly there is ridicoulously many of them . Even today I had a straight chain of 6 (six!) candidates in school grounds. Would you 2-star them?

  • +1 this, every time i 1* something i explain why its in the 1* category and reference the relevant AMA. im not 2*ing anything that should be 1*d just to not be 1*ing too many in a row. It is Niantics fault they didn't put more effort into teaching players properly how to submit, we are doing as we were instructed but being punished for it

  • nope, i would 1* if it's on school grounds, but i would not if it's technically not on school ground but still very close to it. like those crossover signs near schools.

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