BannerRuck Mission

Experiencing difficulty getting a mission approved. 23 of the 24 missions have been approved for the walk on the 01 Dec 2019 here on the Sunshine Coast here in Australia. It’s quite embarrassing really for #NianticOps and there mission approval system. @NianticBrian what are your thoughts on this and how can the system be improved to give clearer explanations on why a mission is not approved rather than @NianticOfficial generated response. It seems as though Ops literally has a Bee 🐝 in there bonnet over a capital B in mission 12 for BannerRuck. At the moment it would say AnnerRuck if it doesn’t get approved. Doesn’t look good when GoRuck are promoting the BannerRuck and it says come up with a cool mission which quite a few agents from both factions have been involved in the design of the mission.



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