Loading/Unloading a Key Locker sometimes gets stuck, resulting in a key being removed from inventory

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I completely unload and then later fully load key lockers pretty frequently in order to recharge, check for linking opportunities, etc.

I'd say, on average, the act of loading or unloading will get stuck 2 out of every 5 attempts with the animation continuing until I either hit cancel or force close the app. When doing either, a key will disappear from my inventory. I don't know which one it will be as it can change and probably aligns with whatever key the action was trying to process at the time it got stuck.

As you can imagine, if it's dealing with keys to recharge, it can be very aggravating if that was your only key.

I stopped mass unloading and loading once I realized this was happening and tried switching to smaller batches of key numbers, but it still happens even then. It does hang less often, but then this also takes away the time saving benefits of loading or unloading many at once.

A small workaround to stop key loss if you get in a stuck state, which I've only been able to try a couple times since I found it yesterday, is if you're on a key of which you have multiple to press the button to increment or decrement the number of that key being loaded/unloaded. This act disrupts the overall locker management action, and you can try again.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this key loss issue?

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  • Game doesnt work well enough for me to have bothered trying.

  • I don't have the key losss thing but for me , it's been 2-3 weeks that i unload a key locker, and can't reload the keys in it, or in any other capsule or quantum...

    I rebooted app, rebooted phone, cleared cache, log-out/log-in to my google account , uninstalled/reinstalled the app, nothing will do....

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