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On the 24.11.2019 a HCL6 field was built in Aachen, Germany. The ‘core tactic’ was used, that means the center portal is deployed and linking is done from all portals to this portal and the field is closed from all 3 anchors at the same time. The center portal was right in the city center. It took the 26 field agents and three intel operators 2.5 hours to fully build this field. About 40 minutes of that time was spent rebuilding one HCL5 part because a frog took down some portals which were already fully linked. This was a challenge for all operators and field agents. With new orders, all needed keys were quickly farmed and we successfully fixed all frog-induced damages. 


-124 portals

-366 links

-364 fields

Linking started at 11:47 local time with the capture of the center portal and the last field was closed at 14:22.

With well planned and perfectly executed precleaning only 45 viruses were needed to create the field in a normally fully linked blue city.

The idea for this field came to my mind after successfully completing a HCL4 solo and a HCL5 with five agents. So I started looking at portals in the area around Aachen, but quickly noticed that I would have to link through the city center to use 124 portals. This task seemed so hard that this plan was idle for quite some time. The original plan involved using just six field agents and one operator. A Telegram chat was created but without any noticeable activity since summer. Then suddenly a message came from one field agent, who previously helped in a different HCL6. He posted the Sitrep from the older field. It only took ten minutes for everyone to get motivated. It was clear we needed reinforcements. This happened right before a 90 minute lecture I needed to attend, so I quickly created an invitation and sent it to all friendly communities in the regional NRW area. I didn't expect much feedback at first, so I was surprised when I left the lecture and we already had 17 agents sitting in the newly created Telegram chat. Even more followed in the next few days and we had so many agents that I started planning with 24 link teams. All linking sheets were recalculated and sorted. 

The double AP week before our set date lead to a lot of activities in the city center. This was really an advantage for us, players removing lots of links that would have blocked us. All the required keys could be farmed by just three agents. 

Just two days before our operation one linker had to leave the operation due to real life issues, that meant I had only two days to find a new linker and - I actually found one. The agent took a three hour train ride to get to Aachen, but was so happy to help out it was amazing. 

The mood of all agents was really good on that day and everyone was motivated to build this HCL6. The final briefing took place and everyone was moving into position. 

Then we received the signal: Linking started and we had 2.5 hours of Ingress action. It was a great feeling being part of such a big group of agents working together to create this field.

After the last link was thrown and the finished field was visible in the scanner (and a few chats) the agents had a few beers together and enjoyed the feeling to sit under six bluetiful homogeneous layers. All in all it was a great experience to meet all these awesome agents and successfully build one of the most complex fields in the Ingress world.

All the awesome agents participating in this operation:

@4lliwant @Alpha123abc @Alpha321cba @Belfas8 @Bienenfresser @BioFreak2 @Blauracke @dbdi @DeMorpheus @dRaG @dreimark @ElliOpp @frieda67 @Gottestal @HomerGAdams @JpDDR @Kerris @Knappenberg @Lesamir @MadMonkeh @Michlaa @[email protected] @RoiLouis @roonrandom @TheWaterDragon @Traycas @xMercerenies

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