Feature request - relevant guidance when selecting Wayspot type

Every month we get further clarifications on what is a good Wayspot and how we should rate various; it would be great if, when selecting the object type in the "What is it?" box, we could see nearby a short text about the eligibility of that particular category, if such a thing exists in the various lists/AMAs.

Example: If I select the "Flagpole" type, i should get the bit from the "Potentially confusing nominations" document: "Flagpoles - Ineligible, as they are mass-produced objects. Only with accompanying plaque or info board detailing cultural or historical significance. "

I think that would particularly help new reviewers, or those that do not follow Niantic's social media.

(bonus feature request: a "wayfarer" tag)



  • There seems to have no update on the "what is it"-list for a very long time, and you can find inconsistencies and suggestions that should probably never be portals. An update like this would be much appreciated.

  • I concur. It'd make things a lot easier.

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