TESSERA Round 4 - Myriad

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Truthseekers, I've received intel that another Tessera will be made available as a live-drop in Nashville on December 1st. The contact will be wearing a turquoise scarf and an Ingress shirt. For reasons the Tethered Hand has yet to reveal, this Tessera will be worth 3 Discovery Points for the First Discoverer's Faction.

Whoever is verified as the Discoverer, your deadline for posting a placement prediction in the comments is December 2nd, 1800 UTC. After the Discoverer makes their prediction, the first member from the opposing Faction to post a prediction in this thread will be the prediction that is passed along to the Tethered Hand.



Intel from the recent live-drop in Las Vegas suggests that Agents hoping to acquire this Tessera must both say the correct passphrase, and answer a question. If the question from Vegas is any guide, it would be wise to have someone on comms who has a deep understanding of the history of the XM investigation.


NIA surveillance suggests the target has been delayed, but they are expected to arrive at the live-drop site in just a few minutes. Thanks to all the Agents who have been waiting patiently. I trust that this Tessera will soon be in one of your hands.

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