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On Saturday we set up an operation, 3 agents, one in Villamil (beaches), 2 here in Guayaquil, before the check point we assembled a 3-layer multi-field Guayaquil, Villamil, Galapagos one layer each agent, gave us 1M141K MU'S,

After assembling the field, a spoofer appears and that did not start to destroy all from the south, we reached it with the agent the park, there was no one at the exception of the 2, the same ended up destroying everything,

We proceeded to report, the agent in question DiegoGOpalma left resonators in some portals and changed their name, we returned to report with the temporary name Agent_6885950

Who: DiegoGOpalma

Where: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245622,-79.921909&z=15&pll=-2.245622,-79.908326 (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245622,-79.921909&z=15&pll=-2.245622,-79.908326), https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245517,-79.921658&z=15&pll=-2.245517,-79.908075 (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245517,-79.921658&z=15&pll=-2.245517,-79.908075), https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245517,-79.921658&z=15&pll=-2.247049,-79.91033 (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245517,-79.921658&z=15&pll=-2.247049,-79.91033)

When: November 23, 2019 at 19:20 UTC -5

Context: Agent DiegoGOpalma maintains unusual activity destroying only anchors of a recently performed operation; Agents in the field confirm that the agent is not in the location at the time of the attack, so spoofing activity is sustained by this agent. Additionally, a previous account of this agent has already been banned for the same spoofing reason (previously called DiegoPalma).

Monday before the checkpoint I had 2 galapagos keys and 2 beach keys so I went before the check point and assemble 2 more fields,

 in less than an hour the spoofer return and destroy the field again and leave a blockage from a very remote area,

we returned to report with all this evidence,

we send this:

Who: Agent_6885950 Where: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.245654,-79.910453&z=17&pls=-2.245951,-79.907915,-2.245517,-79.908075_-2.245951,-79.907915,-2.245424,-79.907478_- 2.245424, -79.907478, -2.245517, -79.908075 When: November 25, 2019 at 10:43 AM ((UTC-5) Context: This User has already been banned, with the name DieGOpalma changed his nick to avoid banning,, goes to the anchors directly, today appeared after assembling a large field, after the check point. You can check the reports: Conversation ID: # 5127330 & Conversation ID: # 5125975 the user changed nick, his temporary user is Agent_6885950 We have already reported this user more than 3 times and we have been damaged by a large operation 2 times, we have confirmed its spoofer activity and it is not fair to destroy our large operations illegally, please demand the expulsion of Agent_6885950

even with that of the ittc and receive an email from " Francisco "from Niantic Support telling me the same thing as always" not all outcomes may result in a ban. " which is an insult to our intellect, if I could sue niantic for psychological damage, I would, since this is not normal, really for those reasons I stopped playing, since Niantic plays with our pockets and emotional state, having a system of reports so bad, that they do not take the real trouble to seriously investigate such a simple thing, since we give them all the evidence, and they are so clear that they considered a serious fault towards us, the players, the ones we do and consume this game,

Niantic does not take serious investigations with reports, so it is a waste of time, today I just lost confidence in your reporting system. They haven't done anything after so much injustice. Once again Niantic lets us all down.


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    Awesome write up! Doh! Wrong thread.

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    Crummy about the spoofer, but maybe we could start a club for people who've fielded from the Galapagos.


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    Personally, I still have not had the opportunity to know the islands, and yes we could start a club :) , we have a good Agent and Friend who works at the Navy, and travels from time to time, and brings keys and leaves the portals active,  In fact we have portals in several military bases, in operational areas, which are strategic anchors, to hunt spoofers, but unfortunately the reports I think they are read by an automatic bot and everything is in "we have taken actions" and yet the spoofer keeps flying 😡

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  • Can you elaborate on the evidence you posted? I'm only seeing intel that shows the guy destroyed your field, then 45 minutes later capped some random portals. Is there anything here that indicates his travels are impossible, other than your eye witness accounts of nobody being present in the park when the portals went down?

    Don't get me wrong, it's probably a spoofer. Just trying to see if there's any way we can make your reports more conclusive of that.

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    Correct, here is the video that we sent to the poc of the resistance in Guayaquil, when the attack began in the park, when I arrived by bicycle was my partner Agent RazorEc was there already, and we confirmed the spoof activity, since we were the only ones in the  park while putting on Shields and resonators while the spoofer was attacking us https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IGKjNVqYCkJcamvnYJgFbCQabPCrG6UJ/view?usp=drivesdk

  • I'd recommend never including a screenshot from IITC in a report, Niantic probably won't even look twice at them if IITC is included - that's just a fact of life.

    I feel for you guys, this is likely a spoofer, I agree, but there's nothing here other than "I didn't see the Resistance agent that took down my fields". If there's any different evidence that'd be great. Imagine being in the shoes of the ops person looking at this, how do you prove it's spoofing with data other than "I didn't see the agent"? Many of the spoofing incidents I've dealt with have been people either getting in to an inaccessible portal, or travelling impossible distances. That's the kind of info that can really nail home an actual spoofer.

    By the way, great fields! Keep up the good fight!

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    NIA did respond, but it was to the wrong thread. Still hope you get some other NIA officials to participate in this thread and get the cheater banned. Maybe contact a trusted reporter? The current reporting system is a method of feeding the users canned replies and doesn't currently do anything.

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    cheaters and spoofers are ruining the game everday this behaviour is not stopped more legit people will stop play and soon we will have like in pogo, everyone has multi accs for raids etc.. do we want this behaviour in prime and ingress? big NO!

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    I hoped the amount of cheaters would decrease with Prime. (New anti-cheat, etc.) When they opened up submissions and wayfarer to Pogo, I hoped that the Ingress players who started playing just to request portals would stop cheatin'.

    Now I feel I'd like to have those players back, because Ingress is becoming stale. There is so little activity around me. :(

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    Update: the spoofer today was banned, well at least, now we have to clear All the blocks he did, well if this post help for that action, thank you very much for the one who did it.

    Still we have aa long way to go to improve the security in PRIME.


    Will be in touch 😁

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    Great to see the cheater banned. Shameful to see nobody from NIA giving an update here. Too bad, the forums have so much potential.

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    Update: the spoofer return again , in the same area and same nick

    here is our report.

    Who: DiegoG0palma

    Where: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-2.242869,-79.89387&z=17&pll=-2.242869,-79.89387

    When: December 2, 2019 at 2:24 PM ((UTC-5)

    Context: This User has already been banned 3 times with the same name, DieGOpalma You can check the reports: Conversation ID: # 5127330 & Conversation ID: # 5125975

    this is a new account and already start leveling, today i was on the bus, and he was there, putting the resonators in every bus stop, and i was the only one in the bus, and i reported to the resistence poc via COMM, and the agent in question began to mock, here are the antecedents of this spoofer in the ingress community and here is the activity of that spoofer https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/49509

    please demand the expulsion of DiegoG0palma

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    yes i did , i am waiting for the support responce and id conversation to be scaled to the Vanguard.

  • That's not what Vanguards are there for, to escalate tickets that are already attended to by Ops....

  • VSSXVSSX ✭✭✭

    as the web site says: Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager and provide direct feedback on a variety of initiatives, advocated so their work is to improve the gameplay and as an advocates they must defend the players , from hostile and ilegal moves , specially this ones , same nick banned like 3 times ...

    i hope someone read this and help us

  • That nick is not the same one that you reported earlier, it is just similar. It is a new account. DiegoG0palma vs DiegG0palma

    But, your statement that Vanguards must defend the players from hostile and illegal moves is incorrect. This is not our function. We are not second or even third-tier support.

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    Yes, it is a new account, it is the same person behind that account, a lot of bad agents, leveling and flying the accounts, that is why I know a way to end the spoofer problem, it would be a hard decision but also would bring profits to Niantic and to the community of agents really committed to the game, and that would be making the game with subscription and that only the registered credit card is the account of the ingress player, and only accept the login of that account, that I would do a debugging of many bad agents who only do multi-accounts (for free) and discourage the agents that play the game by sport (bike team) and make large fields and take the trouble to go personally to the places and invest in game items . I would be very happy to pay for something that I like and it stimulates my creativity, not that I cut it for a few bad elements, since this game at the beginning was fun, now it is frustrating, after frustration, only bad players spoofing, ideas many, it is a question if you really want to help in listening to your community. I'm really disappointed in the way he handles these Niantic issues, being a computer security consultant and giving them advice and all the evidence and information of all the third-party software used by the spoofers, it's time for Niatic to do a radical debug and Stay with loyal players who are willing to pay for even better service "in every way" and take away access to the bad elements that have ruined our beloved Ingress.

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