Questions for Yuri & OLW

Truthseekers: I'm getting word that Yuri Nagassa and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe are going to attempt to livestream from the Anomalous Bubble at 1800 UTC on Tuesday, 12/03/19. If you've got any questions for either or both of them, post them here and I'll try to pass them along.




  • Hello!

    Question for OLW: During the Navarro camp you introduced yourself as Omniscience, why was that?

  • Hey there,

    When will nia release the days and locations of upcoming anomalies?

    Thank you 😊

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    In our node, it was project Whydah that resulted in Edgar Allan Wrights mind being fractured...or at least we always believed this took place in our node. It was learned during initial Osiris investigations that Edgar may have always been from your universe. In that case, any comment on your relationship with Edgar and is there any hope for his mind to recover?

    Also Oliver,

    Have you ever considered wearing a bow tie? Additionally are you cooking up any new XM constructs? (scanner items)


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  • As of the tessellation board. Is it difficult to put portal link to the "Discoverd @ xxx" of each tessera? We would like to know the answer. Only the area where the tessera was found is not enough as the answer, We are frustrated because of not clear but ambiguous answer.

  • As of the tessellation board. Is it difficult to put portal link to the portal in the detail of each tessera? We would like to know the answer. Only the area where the tessera was found is not enough as the answer, We are frustrated because of not clear but ambiguous answer.

  • Were you able to put together a decent Thanksgiving celebration with the supplies you have in the bubble? We really need to find a way to send you at least 50 pizzas.

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    hello Yuri, I want to confirm the name of the Tribe that you lived in your childhood.

    is it Anazktec? or,


  • Question for OLW: What are your thoughts about Jarvis and Dunraven? What did you learned from the Power Cube incident?

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    OLW, are you using harmonic resonance for new methods of RPE? What's more at risk for these new methods of RPE?

  • Nemesis has tried to make us believe that he has infiltrated again, first by ensuring that one of his entities was Hank Johnson 1218 and also making us believe that Schubert Prime is a Nemesis entity, are you aware of this? How can we know who it is real?

    In the 1218 universe we met other agents who provided us with information such as the Sussana Moyer reporter, we still don't know her Doppelgänger Prime, did Sussana Moyer exist in her universe?

  • For Yuri and/or Oliver

    What happened at the Niantic Project?

  • What happened to your Techthulu?

  • What happened to Schubert in the bubble? We heard you guys locked him up, but I don't think that is a wise descission. From all information we have, if Schubert even ends up as part of Nemesis (let's say the video is really him) it doesn't seem like he is Helvetice YET. The timelines seem a bit messed up, and punishing him for future actions might just trigger him into becoming that.

  • Wow nice, seems like the Tethered Hand read your message, the links have been added to the board! great suggestion ^^

  • Question for Yuri: What is your best memory of growing up with the tribe? Do you have any childhood keepsakes that hold special relevance?

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    Question for both (hopefully this is seen in time):

    In the Tethered Hand Round 3 results video, when the Helvetica Tessera is placed (Caption: ‘What’s in it for me?’) at appx. 2:19 the Tessera is placed, and it ‘shimmers’ just like the others, but also causes the Mystery Tessera (I-13) to slightly shimmer and move to the next stage of progression (3/7). Is there anything you can tell us about this? Has the NIA seen this and have any information? Should we be worried about what happens when the progression of the NEMESIS symbol in that Tessera reaches 100%, as well as the Tessera that trigger the progression?

  • With regard to you and the personnel stuck in the Anomalous Bubble: How are you doing for supplies (food, water, medicine, etc .)? Do you need to find a way to get more of them, or has the Anomalous Bubble temporarily suspended your need for such things?

    With regard to Nemesis: should we continue to play their game (and hope to beat them at it), or should we perhaps consider alternate tactics, such as enlisting the help of The Man Who Never Was?

  • Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe

    How is life in the chamber?

    I hope you have a good research environment.

    By the way, in Singapore, you answered to a question from our interview team "DATE-MARU" by saying, "Our Universe is moving a little faster. So the flow is going down, and that's why I came over here. ".

    I mean, you said you got from the Prime Universe to the 1218 Universe.

    But now for some reason, you and we seem to be in the Osiris Universe. What's going on with us?

    Could you please tell us your opinion?

    P.S. I want to get your BioCard.💕

  • To OLW: Who gave you the inspiration for your tecthulhu?

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