[SITREP] Operation Angry Shoes

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Last week, Enlightened agent in Shenzhen created a starburst with 1099 links to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Ingress!

Operation Info

Operation Name: Operation Angry Shoes (Chinese OPS name: 千夫所指方校长)

Date and Time: UTC+8 08:30 Nov 17, 2019

Location: Shenzhen Talent Park, Shenzhen, China

Core Portal: 人才之柱方滨兴校长

Maximum # of Links: 1099

# of Agents Participated: 62

The starburst covered around 26km * 12km of ground.

Why do we call it "Operation Angry Shoes"?

The portal object is a monument of the inventor of the "The Great Firewall of China". He was attacked by a student for his invention with a shoe in a presentation. This attack was named "Angry Shoes" afterwards. We would like to express our emotion and opinion to this "inventor" by throwing thousands of links to his face and name the operation after this attack event.

More Images

Agents Participated


@Ethern @suzDX @Triomphe346

Technical Support


Key Hacking

@AlpenglowGazer @HeZhuonan @llllIIlIIllll @Viaera

Human Resources

@AlpenglowGazer @Davidia @Ethern

Intel Support

@Altzha @Triomphe346


@alluvium @ScarletCherry @Triomphe346

Ground Team

@69833124 @16thAirCraft @AlpenglowGazer @AItzha @biang @ClubC @Davidia @dioniet @EB024 @Ethern @fadeawaychen @feuxfollets @GeoWatsons @HeZhuonan @hqianxin @ibooom @illxf @IveyChen @JeffHugh @JimmyKernel @jolejun @JQYYY @Kiarimo @KomiyaFuku @KunZz @landycai @llllIIlIIllll @mContext @mowa @MournerB @mumymoon @Naoryrc @Neki0v0ry @OneSimpleMan @orangexie @PERUTIN @PrinceOrz @Raslec @ratazzi @remiver @RXC @SailorLiu @Shamani @shingkit @ShinkuE @Sjangh @ss249 @StayGoldBBT @sunnysmile @SuperStarChen @suzDX @Triomphe346 @Viaera @Wadebridge @Wencey @Xiaoxing @ybjay00000 @YogaLee @ziofat

Special Thanks to those traveled from other city to support our operation

@16thAirCraft @hqianxin @MournerB @mowa @ShinkuE @StayGoldBBT @YogaLee


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