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Title of the Portal: Cheltenham Industrial Area Plaque

Location: -37.959318,145.074126,145.074126&z=19&pll=-37.959318,145.074126

City: Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria.

Country: Australia.

Portal never existed. An apparently well known Pokémon Go player who works at the location of the now ‘pokestop’ altered a photo to make it seem like there’s a plaque worthy for a POI when in fact there’s nothing there. If you read the contents of the plaque you will also realise it makes no sense and is a bunch of bull. Formatting, wording, font and lighting all suggested a tampered portal photo.

Following inspection of the location of the portal we have all unanimously concluded the said ‘plaque’ never existed and is on private property.

A dozen of us have since reported invalid portal only to have emails from Niantic confirming that ‘Portal should remain in the Portal Network’.

The submission system is flawed, there needs to be deterants in place to ensure system is not continuously abused. Reports need to include options to upload conclusive evidence to support reports.

And apparently I can’t even post photos because ‘I need to be around for a bit longer’.

Thanks Niantic.


  • The text on the "plaque" seems to be totally out of context.

  • Shouldn't this conversation be tagged @Redsolocup or @ someone else with enough clout to actually do something about the conversation?

  • @RedSoloCup ^^^all of this^^^

  • Insufficient Evidence- Resubmit Appeal- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to remove the Portal in question. If you have additional evidence to share, please submit a new appeal with additional information and we’ll take another look.

  • @NianticKN have you even looked at any of the above evidence? It’s pretty damning and obvious this is a invalid portal. All the additional evidence has already been provided if you scroll past my initial post.

    Please refer to photos provided by @sowerzzz and @oscarc1

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    It is apparent Niantic have no integrity about their core product. If I were an investor I would be worried.

    Edit: Also, @NianticKN since you stated there is insufficient evidence to remove it, can you provide proof that it does actually exist? The burden of proof is on you now.

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  • Try catching a plaque with the street name or some landmark in the background which will definetely tell it's from there. Also, you can geotag your photos. I couldn't paste links and photos so I put the unclickable links to my Gdrive. And it worked for my local cheater's portal. Don't give up. You'll get there.

  • Unfortunately there is no plaque, it’s on private property and at the end of a court where you cannot get the street sign and supposed location of the plaque in one photo.

    All of the photos posted above would have geo location attached. But doubt the niantic reps even bothered checking :’)

    Further to @oscarc1 ‘s screen shots, you can clearly see there’s never been a plaque.

    Google maps street view clearly shows it’s on private property, it’s a insignificant property, nothing signifies any historic value. Red circle is where the supposed ‘plaque’ is located. The trees have since been removed revealing the brick wall. If you compared the portal photo and those that either @sowerzzz or @oscarc1 had taken you will see the walls are identical to every last brick.

    There was never a plaque.

    The poor quality of the photoshopped image does not need a trained eye to tell how badly put together the picture is. From the design of the fake plaque, insignificant content, wording, font and lighting.

    Its quite clear niantic do not remotely care about the integrity of the wayspot system. No effort has been made to even analyse any of the evidence provided.

  • Maybe I missed something, but I didn't notice a link to photosphere made in Street View. I think it could resolve the problem. Also, the problem with Street View is it's quite unstable while taking a 360 photo. If you need old more stable version, write me.

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