Removal appeal "Skulptur"

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Category: Appeal of Portal Removal

Title of the Portal: Skulptur

Location: Euskirchen Rudolf-Diesel-Str.

City: Euskirchen

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the rejection Email: n/a – appeal of portal removal

Photos to support your claim:

This sculpture, with it's actual name being "Plastik ohne Titel", was deleted wrongfully. It's location is in front of the public "Fernmeldezeugamt", which is the establishment of the former authority "Deutsche Bundespost". (German federal post office) 

The Fernmeldezeugamt Euskirchen was asked if they had requested the removal but they denied the request.

This sculpture is part of the "Kunst im öffentlichen Raum" (public art) project in Euskirchen.

An article about this sculpture can be found here: (unfortunately only in german)

This point of interest is public as shown in the article above and can be accessed safely. Why was it removed?



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