Portal removal appeal

Category: Invalid Portal Report appeal

Title of Portal: Hedwig

Location: 49.316899, 8.824744

City: 74909 Meckesheim

Country: Germany

This Portal was added recently and I just noticed that it has disappeared. The corresponding Pokéstop is still there, but I assume it will disappear with tomorrow‘s Portal Sync. Neither me nor anyone else in my community can see a reason for its removal. It‘s a bronze figure of an owl. It has pedestrian access and is not on private property. Could someone look into this, please? We‘re a very small community, so every Portal/Pokéstop counts and in that particular area of town, it was one of the only Portals we had. There are a few toxic players around here and right now we believe that one of them decided to start having things removed „for fun“.

I‘m getting an error message when trying to post links, so I provided the approximate coordinates instead. I can take pictures tomorrow (assuming posting them is possible without a link^^“) if required, it‘s already dark outside at the moment and I just wanted to post this ASAP.


  • Sorry for double-posting, but I can‘t edit my original post anymore it seems. I have to admit I didn‘t have time for photos yesterday, but I‘ll be able to take some today or tomorrow after work. I just wanted to ask if there is any way I could be told why the Portal was removed so I know what to focus on when taking the photos.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

  • Would it at least be possible to know the reason why it was removed?

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