2 Portals eliminated on My zone

2 Portals are missing between yesterday and today. In Spain Madrid 28018 av Pablo Neruda 77 79 they were 2 legal portals peluqueria matrix and Tyson and they have been removed


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    You did not post any links to the Intel map or coordinates. You also did not provide any evidence that these locations do not meet the criteria for removal.

  • I can't post links until I have more time here... Nice web page.. If you tell me an email I will send you the screenshot of where they were. And what evidences did you need

  • Here I attach where the portals were ,norwest from my position

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    I'm not Niantic, but I don't think there's enough information to know what you are requesting and why yet.

    Where were the portals (it's near impossible to find where in the world you are from the screenshot)? Do you have a Google map link to can share with the exact locations? Do you remember their names?

    Why should they not be removed? Do you have photos or other evidence to prove why they were valid portals? See the other posts in this forum for examples of the info needed.

    Is it possible the land owners requested removal?

  • I have to agree with maqifrnswa. You need to at least provide coordinates or Ingress Intel Links so Niantic knows which Portals you are referring to.

  • First portal peluqueria matrix

  • Second portal

    This portal is peluqueria matrix and the precious one is Tyson

  • Appeal Denied-Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

  • For What reason?

  • I mean 2 Portals legaly placed. Now they have a different look, why not update instead of remove. Why remove it??

    On Tyson, the new EVIN KEBAB-PIZZA

    popular between locals

    And where was peluqueria matrix

    Gestoria gonzalez

    A local for the legal business

  • Here is why:

    Generic Local Businesses

    Generic local businesses don’t meet criteria on their own without having historical/cultural value, community significance, or distinctive architecture.

  • Not to pile on to an already answered thread, but I thought "shouldn't have been approved" was not a valid reason for removal, as answered in the most recent AMA.

    Sure, you might consider these generic businesses that you would 1* if you saw them in OPR, but that isn't the point here. If the community approved them, they should be safe *unless* meeting a removal criteria, such as no pedestrian access, private residential property (doesn't look to be the case), located on the grounds of a school (again I don't think that's the case), possibly obstructing emergency services, duplicate of another portal, or doesn't exist.

    I don't know anything about the two portals in question to confirm if they exist or not, and certainly OP should have done a better job explaining with photographs and such, but those of you saying "it's a generic business!" are missing the point... *it was already approved*

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    From my understanding, the wayspots were removed because the original "hot spots" were no longer in business at those locations, but new buisnesses took over the spots. In such a case, removing the wayspots is the valid option. "Updating" the wayspots to represent the new businesses, however, is not a valid option.

  • Sure, that would be a valid reason for removal then, if the businesses closed. But the two comments above mine saying "1* generic business" didn't make sense - who cares what you would rate them *now*, you can't just remove a portal you don't like for that reason!

  • Appeal Denied-Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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