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I was in one of the buses in Chicago for resistance, and although I appreciate the thoughtful strategy that lead to the use of buses, it really only worked because of the rules for that anomaly series.

I would like to suggest for future events, changing the rules away from having two separate scoring objectives relying on the same in game action (hacking portals gave both media and unique hacks). The combination of the two is what lead to the rise of busgressing (having Hank was a plus also but was not the deciding factor in my opinion).

What are your thoughts?



  • I think prior use of busgressing showed that it isn't always effective, it just happened to work under the conditions of that site. Congrats on the win,

  • All anomalies have different rules. I've done 3 in Australia and all were vastly different. I like that NIA keeps changing it so the factions have to keep coming up with new strategies. The busgressing might have failed spectacularly. You didnt know until the end. And it may not be as effective ever again.

  • It was with in the rules of the game. An effective strategy and it proved effective. Then enl were ill prepared to react.

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    @HarleyQuinn42 It was really an alignment of the planets that let the busgressing strat work. I don't think it would work a second time unless they did as I said, and had multiple objectives that are done with a single action in game. Like if they suddenly had linking and fielding scored separately, cargressing might be viable because you need to move fast. Or if holding portals and shielding them worked, then a static defense strategy would work best.

    It was like an alignment of the planets to get this working - unique portal hacks, media sets from hacking, and Hank Johnson giving increased chance for the media hacks - that worked so well.

    I doubt busgressing will work at any generic anomaly.

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    It's always been the case that the objectives in hybrid anomalies sometimes reinforced each other. Good strategy is identifying those synergies and taking advantage of them.

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    I think that unique hacks and artifacts aren't mutually exclusive. The ability of HJ to spawn artifact porals skewed things in Chicago; but I've enjoyed artifacts at previous events.

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    There's always synergies to consider... better portal control will usually give you an edge in any kind of linking/fielding contest. And linking itself gives you a (slight) edge in portal control, due to the added mitigation.

    And yes, as you've mentioned, hacking can get you unique hacks and artifacts. (And even inventory too, if you need it.)

    Ideally these kinds of synergies continue to be possible.

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