NL-1331 Europe: calling all van chasers!

I'm planning to go van chasing with my other half this summer. I plan to do Liége, then the last five dates. I would love to hear how van chasing works: when we will be told the location of the van? Does the swag queue get long? What will happen? Please tell me about your experiences, thank you :-)



  • GargishGargish ✭✭✭

    The venue and exact time is published on each RSVP page, queue depends on how many people attend and is longer on MD+NL events on the weekends. The time window is usually quite short, make sure you hack the NL1331 portal as soon as possible after it appears at the venue.

  • If we have to queue anyway, why the rush to hack the van? I thought we had to hack AND have our scanners checked? Plus I have swag to I missing some info here?

  • hitramhitram ✭✭

    You have to scan your ticket and hack the NL1331 van portal to get the medal.

    I think it was suggested to hack asap because people forget. Usually there is a group picture and then orga tell to hack the portal to be sure. You have to hack in the 2 h window, and as it is a very social event people talk with each other and not look into scanner.

    Queue really depends on the city, sometimes it is long, sometimes short.

    I plan to do a few stops before heading to Kaunas

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