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In the Midwest of the US, in the the great state of Wisconsin, a thing has developed of late: the Monroe Starburst. It’s just like a Hydra really: it grows another two heads every time you chop one off. It needed to be covered in green layers to send a message of enlightenment!

On Sunday November 17th, 2019 ENL took action!

We covered the starburst completely with 13 layers of green fields! (and Madison and Rockford, IL too)

Wisconsin ENL energized and showed up in force to make it happen. Illinois and Iowa ENL mobilized to clear the clogged lanes. Bravo!

The strong wizardry of the operators’ team boosted confidence that we could pull it off. Unflappable confidence from the planner instilled certainty that it would succeed. AND… it did! YAY!

Fun Facts:

MU fielded for checkpoint: 16,523,140

Starbursts fielded over: 2

Kwik Trips visited: multiple... don't forget Culvers too tho

Wild bird encounters: 3

Big Macs Meals: lots... I super-sized mine in Plattville for the long drive

Stairs climbed: count=lost (Ganymede Springs!)

Best pets: all of them (thank you for coming along for the ride!)

Wintry Mix:: yuck - especially west of Dodgeville

Agents involved:

DisasterLondor, 633KYN35D, Sm00th101, SilchasRuin3, L0DI78, Ethan608, DarthMagnum, Pumpkinhead126, simonsaidtoo, Bluedahbadee, bulletproof9, AgentOberle, FuzzBeardWolf, StormieDae, lIlIIIIIIlIIlII, RAMSINATOR, variangrey, Kathy141, morganizedcrime, goldfishhh, Switzer78, Petronivs, DisasterNoodles, SanguinariaGray, cheesebeesbunny, xSorsha, Greyalien1980, PregnantPriest, vempire6669, DisasterBlkhawk, bgskyman, ABagOfDoritos, Cornwuff, CoverFire, dayosteph, Mnemic81, susiq83, sweetie0618, MOwgl1, SmoothedOUT, carebear028, DisasterAnun, RainbowDragon99, DisasterTiki, DisasterDoll, DisasterSword, DisasterXero, DisasterNstuff, GreenHornet, dollylava, U1F608, Kempecoe, wartmong, DisasterOusPlay, DisasterTrident, Narfpoit, DeathCroak, DeathValley, ViewFromAbove, JSchwindy, Kimpossibly, Kraibald, MKOS157, 4Pancakes, DisasterTJ, EmptyK, Gabrie11e , NexusGateLord, TeslaKoiled, staticage13, Ramsinator, Dylly, xxse7en, ArturTheHawk, Featherdog, evoleno


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