Waypoint Editting coming to Pokémon Go, including possibly location editing.

so if Pokemon Go players get location edits, I think we can all agree Wayfarer will just be absolutely awful to deal with


  • Edits have gone from years of waiting to days for me. Pogo reviewers more than compensate any likely new edit demand.

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    While it will be annoying, a quick cant find location is a simple way to skip them if they become too numerous. This also from what ive heard is like casting a vote for dont move it

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    This is not true for everyone. None of my edit shows made since Pogo reviewing have made it through. Very few of my old local ones have made it through. I still have hundreds of edits that are from early 2018- now in review.

    Also I don’t trust you because you want to use this forum as a discussion platform for Pokemon Go exclusive issues.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Skipping or choosing “can not tell/none the above” doesn’t progress the review. It acts as a skip. If there are suddenly millions more edits like this that people will just skip, actual legitimate edits will never make it to review or finish.

  • Pokemon players have proven in last month they cannot be trusted with submitting and reviewing. Giving them edits is just making it worse.

  • so does this mean Pokemon Go players too will soon get to experience the joys of submitting a title edit to fix a typo that takes three years to eventually get rejected so they can submit an appeal that will get ignored and buried in the appeals forum so that they can post the appeal again?

    that is a real game-changer.

  • PoGo player here: Well, I can assure you that many can be trusted and want stuff to be legal. But the amount of black sheep is high. Really high, too high.

    So if an edit abuse button doesn't become a thing with it or new pics are needed, then good luck... But since we got Wayfarer full of black sheep as well, all of this will be useless as well...

    Well, I got a bunch of POIs set completely wrong by Ingress players around here, I would be more than happy about being able to edit stuff. Some also need descriptions with important trivia and partially new titles since some totally didn't do any research about what they were nominating there.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭
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    My issue is people used the fringe examples to blast pogo players as global community trying to project every edit or submission is going to ruin the system, I have made edits fixing the bad locations as well moving objects to the actual object instead of where the agent took the photo from car etc that were not at the actual poi location. My issue is there is a risk legit edits get tossed in with the abuse stack because there is probably going to be someone who sees the correct location and a pin to the right of the object 10 feet away and pushes abuse. If a abuse button is added they need to make it clear where the current portal location is so the reviewer knows where the poi is currently so someone doesn't mark abuse when it is a legit edit. Also I would like for nearby portals to be shown on the edit screen so if someone moves a portal in voting and it is a part of the series and you fix the location of your submission via edit the reviewers can see the whole picture of why it was edited. Also give us a support statement box mentioning why it is needing to be edited. I am level 13 almost 14 in ingress. People need to understand the issues we are seeing are not new and just act like adults and report actual abuse.

  • All the more reason niantic should put in supporting edit text. But I guess more people play pogo than ingress and pogo earns more money so why wouldn't they let them edit

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