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Few nominations now from locatons with low portals. I hope Niantic do somthing now. Now only Wayfare the tool for Pokémon GO when we most get nominations in area with lots of portals. I hope Niantic fix some advantage both for Ingress Prime and Pokémon GO and soon we get more Nominations from area with low portals and countryside. Ingress only grow if we get lots of more nominations accept in area with low or 0 portals. We dont need more portals in area with lots of portals. I know long time ago when Niantic share about they need nominations in area with low portals or 0 to get Ingress grow.

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    I only see nominations from other agents and i see very few nominations in area with low portals.

  • Part of the issue is that super remote players likely aren't level 40 / 10 and able to submit. Though I suspect anybody playing where there's no POIs could only be spoofing, and may be able to populate their own areas now with their leveled accounts.

    With time, high level players traveling may submit POIs when they realise there are none in such places.

  • I believe what he meant was unless you are heading out and traveling to these low density areas and submitting than you complaint is a little hypocritical. Niantic isnt going to do anything, everyone can submit now so if there are people playing that live or work in these low density areas than they are free to submit.

    Its no long solely on Agents to go submit all these remote areas (though alot have and do since thats a big part of ingress, getting off the beaten track).

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    Yup, personally I've enjoyed making a few submits (or nominations, whatever people want to call them) a part of vacation trips to rural areas. As I enjoy hiking and photography, things like summit markers on remote hills and mountains are something that I'd visit anyway and since they're valid candidates, submitting them too is a natural thing to do. Going off the beaten path is certainly fun.

    I agree that the quickest way to get more wayspots somewhere is either to get there personally, or try to find someone who's either willing to go there, or already lives in the area (and probably has some ideas about valid targets already). Or use someone's local knowledge as a source for someone else's nominations.

  • Currently only level 40 players can submit in PoGo, and level 10 in Ingress, which are both unlikely if there's no portals around. That being said it's at least a start, and a lot of regional people still playing have probably been spoofing over the years as I mentioned.

  • Which is why there wasn't as big an excitement when nominations became active, due to the prevalence of spoofing.

    Both 40 or 10 are possible if you where keen and set your mind to it. Making trips when u can to central areas, making a day of farming/****. Again if you want something put in the effort.

    Also "it's a start"? What you would have them lower the requirements further?

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